Chapter Officers

Student leadership is a vital part of our program. We offer students the opportunity to influence the priorities, actions and culture of the Woodbury FFA Chapter while developing their individual leadership style. Learn more about each officer's duties in the official FFA manual.

2018 - 2019 Chapter Officer Applications open Spring 2019.

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The following students will serve the Woodbury FFA Chapter for the 2018 - 2019 school year and if you are a new or prospective student, they are excited to meet ya, meet ya, meet ya.


Sarah Sandor, President

Hometown: Woodbury, CT

SAE: Great American Aquaculture in Waterbury, CT.

Hello, my name is Sarah Sandor. I am currently a senior and very honored to be a part of such an amazing program. I have competed in the Aquaculture CDE where our team placed 4th in the state, this year we will be competing again and hope to place 1st. I enjoy hiking and playing soccer as well as spending time with my family, dogs and friends. In this year, I hope to enhance the chapter’s ability to get involved not only within our own community but also other chapters. I also hope to help the chapter grow by showing our community the great experiences we have to offer and the accomplishments we have made.


Mason Gsell, Vice President

Hometown: Bridgewater, CT

SAE: Roxbury Animal Clinic in Roxbury, CT.

Hello! My name is Mason Gsell, and this is my senior year. My leadership experience includes, serving as the 2016-2017 Sophomore Block Sentinel. I competed in Poultry CDE where the team won 1st in the state. We then competed in Indianapolis Indiana at the National competition. I also competed for the Veterinary Technician CDE were we competed and placed 2nd in the state. I enjoy hiking, canoeing, and being a firefighter. My expectation for this year is to get to know the people that are in our chapter and to get members in our chapter motivated to be apart of the FFA and events.


Danielle Demers, Secretary

Hometown: Watertown, CT

SAE: Tony & Sons’ Seafood in Oakville, CT

Hello, my name is Danielle Demers, and I am currently a junior. I feel very fortunate to have had the opportunity to serve as your 2017-2018 Sophomore Block Secretary this year and I am very thankful for being part of such a great team. I enjoy participating in Girl Scouts and spending time with my family and friends. As a Chapter Officer, I hope to bring new and creative ideas to the chapter and allow everyone to learn about the opportunities in the FFA and become involved as much as possible


Lindsay Meyers, Treasurer

Hometown: Southbury, CT

SAE: Twinhearts Kennel, my family owned dog kennel, in Southbury, CT.

My name is Lindsay Meyers and I am a junior. I competed in the Ag Sales CDE freshman and sophomore year. Freshman year, my team placed second, and I placed 5th individually. My team received 3rd this year, and I got highest individually on my team. I competed on the Farm Business Management CDE this year, and my team placed 3rd. I enjoy showing dogs and doing therapy work with my dogs. I also enjoy spending time with my family and friends. As an officer, my plans for this year would be to help give back to the chapter, by providing new ideas and getting members involved in these ideas.


Claire Demers, Reporter

Hometown: Watertown, CT

SAE: Tony and Sons’ Seafood in Oakville, CT.

Hello, my name is Claire Demers and this is my junior year. I am very excited and appreciative to be part of the Chapter Officer team and look forward to working with the other officers throughout the school year. This past school year, I have participated in the Parliamentary Procedure Team and have enjoyed being the 2017-2018 Sophomore Block Historian. I enjoy spending time with family and friends at Bantam Lake. I also cannot wait to contribute to the planning of events and encouraging other agriculture students to participate as much as possible because being a part of the FFA allows us to develop on our premier leadership, personal growth, and career success.


Shea rennison, Sentinel

Hometown: Oxford, CT

SAE: Breeding and raising my Ayrshire cows on our family farm, Cold Spring Farm in Oxford, CT.

My name is Shea Rennison, and I am a Junior at Nonnewaug. I have competed in many CDE’s, including Livestock Evaluation, where our team went to win 2nd in the state, and Farm Business Management, winning 3rd in the state as well as Creed Speaking and Quiz bowl my freshmen year. In the past, I have served as the secretary for the Willing Workers Litchfield County 4-H Club for about 3 consecutive years, as well as the 2017-2018 Sophomore Block Sentinel here at Nonnewaug. I want to influence the chapter and teach fellow members about how getting involved can influence the opportunities available to members in the future, and that anything is possible with faith, hard work, and passion.


Monica Untiet, ParliAmentarian

Hometown: Prospect, CT

SAE: Meriden Humane Society, a no-kill animal shelter, in Meriden, CT.

Hello, my name is Monica Untiet, a junior at Nonnewaug. Since I learned what FFA I have wanted to become a chapter officer. I am pleased to be serving on the 2018-2019 Woodbury Chapter Officer Team. At my years at Nonnewaug I have competed on the Parliamentary Procedure team where we ended up going to nationals. I have also competed on the Poultry Judging Team, Ag Sales, and Farm Business Management Team. I also served as the 2017-2018 Sophomore Block Parliamentarian. I also enjoy playing basketball and softball, quading in New Hampshire, and spending time with family and my dog. I hope to unify the chapter, get more people involved, educate new people, and bring a different view to the chapter team.


Dylan Albert, Student Advisor

Hometown: Woodbury, CT

SAE: E.L.M. Tree Service and Cedar Ridge Farm in Woodbury, CT.

Hello, my name is Dylan Albert, I am senior at Nonnewaug from Woodbury. I am very honored to serve as one of your Chapter Officers . I have been focused on my SAE at E.L.M. Tree Service and Cedar Ridge Farm in Woodbury, our family companies. I work for E.L.M. in the summer and I make hay for the farm. I also take care of our livestock all year round. I enjoy working on farm equipment, climbing trees, and fishing. As a chapter officer, I hope to get more people involved in FFA, bring our chapter community closer together.  


Sophomore Block Officers

The Sophomore Block Officer team is comprised of 10th grade students who show an early affinity for leadership. They collaborate with the Chapter Officer team and work on special projects specific to underclassmen.


Julia Neilson, President

Hometown: Southbury, CT

SAE: The Bent of the River Audubon Center in Southbury, CT.

My name is Julia Nielsen, and this is my sophomore year. I have competed in a Poultry Judging CDE and Conduct of Chapter Meeting LDE. A few past accomplishments of mine is being the Second Place team in State for poultry Judging, First Place team in Districts for Conduct of Chapter Meeting and Greenhand Degree. I truly enjoy horseback riding, caring for horses, 4-h, poultry showmanship, gardening, and hiking. My favorite memory this past year is going to the IMAGE workshop. I learned how much I love public speaking and guiding others. In this past year I have learned so much about my self, such as new hobbies, interest, and experiences. I have learned about how much I enjoy helping others and creating new ideas. I am so excited for the next three years of this FFA experience.


HANNAH PRYOR, Vice President

Hometown: New Milford, CT

SAE: L & L Equestrian in Washington, CT.

My name is Hannah Pryor and I am a sophomore. Last year, I participated in the Creed Speaking CDE. Some leadership roles and accomplishments that I have earned include passing my Greenhand test, winning 1st place in the District Creed Speaking CDE, and helping others get involved in creed speaking. Some hobbies of mine include drawing, painting, and outdoor activities such as horseback riding, hiking, and archery. My favorite memory from my freshmen year was when I attended the first FFA meeting of the year. That was when I felt at home and realized that I really belonged to the chapter. One thing that I have taken away from this year is to try new things, even if you don’t think you will like them. If you explore new areas, then you will discover new opportunities and interests that you never knew you had.


Meghan Kostka, Secretary

Hometown:Oxford, CT

SAE: **

My name is Meghan Kostka and I am sophomore. I have competed in the Creed Speaking LDE and Conduct of Chapter Meetings LDE. I have received the FFA Greenhand Degree and my Tractor Driving Certification. Some hobbies I enjoy are hanging out with friends, reading, and skiing. I also enjoy participating in many of our chapter FFA events. My favorite memory of this past year was the District Dance. It was a fun night spent with fellow FFA members dancing, conversing, and having tons of fun. I have taken away many experiences from this past year such as the opportunity to develop my public speaking skills, learning the importance of agriculture and making many new friends.


Olivia Braga, Treasurer

Hometown: Newtown, CT

SAE: Sandy Hook Equestrian Center in Sandy Hook, CT.

My name is Olivia Braga, and currently I am a sophomore. I enjoy competing in horse shows and at gymkhanas. This past year, I earned my Greendhand Degree and tractor driving certificate. I have been a Girl Scout since kindergarten and have recently received my silver award. Most of my time is spent with my horse, Little Miss, and I love being a part of Nonnewaug’s Drama Club. For my SAE, I am employed and take riding lessons at Sandy Hook Equestrian Center. Spending time with friends and meeting new people are two things I enjoy. My favorite ag memory was at the Freshman Social where I was able to meet many of my friends. I also cherish being one of the students able to go to the Junior Leadership Conference.


Chelsea Fowler, Reporter

Hometown: Newtown, CT

SAE: Meadow Ridge in Redding, CT.

My name is Chelsea Fowler and this is my sophomore year. I enjoy gardening, playing guitar, and ballet. I have participated in the Creed Speaking CDE and placed 2nd in the District and have also received my Greenhand Degree. My favorite memories this year were the Freshmen Social and helping out with the Farm to Table Dinner. As an out-of-district student it has been an honor to be part of the Agriscience Program. This year I have learned many important leadership skills and participated in activities that will serve well me in high school and beyond. My first year in the FFA has been amazing.


Owen Brown, Sentinel

Hometown: Newtown, CT

SAE: Bee Commerce in Newtwon, CT.

My name is Owen Brown, and I am a sophomore. My passions in life are playing the drums and making music with others, playing baseball for the Nonnewaug Chiefs, and going fishing with my family members up in Old Saybrook, Connecticut. Freshman year at Nonnewaug and my first year of being a member of the FFA is a year that I will never forget. My favorite memory of this past year was earning my Greenhand Degree because I learned different facts and information about the FFA that will be helpful to me throughout my next three years of being a member of the Woodbury Chapter. Also, being able share the experience of receiving the degree was quite an honor and a memory I will keep with me


Brenna Richie, Historian

Hometown: Woodbury, CT

SAE: The Bent of the River Audubon Center in Southbury, CT.

My name is Brenna Ritchie, and this is my sophomore year I’m a sophomore on the Conducts of Chapter Meetings: Parliamentary Procedure team, and I have earned the Greenhand FFA degree. Some of my hobbies include reading, writing, doing art and being outside. I’d have to say that the District Dance was one of my favorite memories of this year. I also really enjoyed the freshman social at the beginning of the year, as well as my first FFA meeting. Through this agriscience program, I’ve learned so much about so many different things. One of the biggest takeaways is the leadership qualities that we’ve been taught. I’ve become more confident, and I have more friends. I believe that this agriculture program is a very beneficial opportunity that I’m glad to have been a part of.


Riley Ballard, ParliAmentarian

Hometown: Brookfield, CT

SAE: Second Act Farm in Roxbury, CT.

Hello, my name is Riley Ballard, and right now this is my sophomore year.  I am President of the Conduct of Chapter Meeting LDE team, where we won states and are going to nationals. This year in the Ag program, I have been able to get my Greenhand degree, my tractor driving certificate, and I was recognized at the chapter banquet. Over the past year the Ag program has allowed me to meet so many new people and make so many new memories. Out of all the things I have done, the district dance definitely had to be my favorite.  This is because not only did I get to spend the afternoon with my friends from our chapter, but I got to meet a bunch of people from different chapters. This past year has been full of opportunities and memories the one thing that I will always know is that the Woodbury FFA Chapter will always be my second family. I have found love and support in this Chapter and can’t wait to welcome the new incoming freshman and make more memories this year.  


Matt Syrotiak, Student Advisor

Hometown: Bethlehem, CT

SAE: Cabin Acre Farm in Bethlehem, CT.

My name is Matthew Syrotiak, and this is my sophomore year. I have my greenhand and I’m on the Conduct of chapter meetings team as an alternate. My favorite hobbies are to hang out with my goats and working with my 4-H members. I also enjoy preparing my goats for shows and competing in with them. My favorite memory of this past year was learning how to drive a tractor, it was something I had never done and something I felt I should know how to do. If I were to take away anything from this year it would be that no matter what obstacles stand in the way, you can always overcome them. Knowing this is especially important when going into sophomore year. Everything is going to get harder from this point forward and it's important to know that you should never quite.